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This model is the 11 Ravens’ namesake, enhanced for R11 collection by incorporation of gold, bronze, or other metal plating, swarovski crystal rail sights, and tinted lucite rails. The svelte lines and superlative form of this design envelope you into a silhouette that is reminiscent of the mythical bird. The Raven modern pool table has an undoubtedly commanding presence and an enchanting gravitas.



Our pool tables feature superior tournament grade Simonis cloth, leather drop pockets, Artemis K66 profile cushions, and 3 piece Brazilian slates. Tables are handcrafted with the finest woods and finishes, ardently built one at a time to the specifications of their visionary. All 11 Ravens pool tables can easily convert to dining and/or ping pong with our conversion tops. The tops are built in two-halves for ease of handling. Both the pool table and the tops are completely customizable to complement your decor. Comfort is a priority in dining, and 11 Ravens has the capability to modify base dimensions to allow for ample leg room.
53" x 92", 58" x 102", 60" x 108", or 64" x 114" standard height 30 7/8" (customizable)
Maple, Walnut, Oak, Teak and others upon request. Customization options include gold, bronze, or other metal plating on top rails and base detailing, swarovski crystal rail sights, tinted lucite rails, matte black and reflective black contrast base surface finishes.
Select from our variety of finishes/custom colors.
4 black fiberglass cues, box of chalk to match felt, black triangle, set of premium Aramith pool balls, black bridgehead, rail brush and cloth brush

How to customize It

Watch the video below to see how 11 Ravens customizes tables with conversion tops, storage, and more. Contact us to learn more about custom sizing and finishes.


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